At 3.00 pm of Wednesday January 3, the dust content in Dushanbe air reportedly exceeded the World Health Organization (WHO)’s guidelines more than 23 times.  


Air pollution level                      Air quality index                          Main pollutant

Unhealthy                                 182 US AQItrend                       PM2.5


Pollutants                                                                                Concentration

PM2.5                                                                                     115.5µg/m³


Providing Dushanbe air quality index IQAir notes that at 3.00 pm of Wednesday, PM2.5 concentration in Dushanbe exceeded the WHO annual air quality guideline value 23.1 times.

According to Dushanbe air quality index (AQI) forecast, the air in Dushanbe begins to clear on January 4, and on January 6, the pollution level in Dushanbe air will be estimated as good and the pollutants concentration PM2.5 will reduce to 40µg/m³   

Most studies indicate PM2.5 at or below 12 μg/m3 is considered healthy with little to no risk from exposure.  If the level goes to or above 35 μg/m3 during a 24-hour period, the air is considered unhealthy and can cause issues for people with existing breathing issues such as asthma.