Kyrgyz President Sadyr Japarv on March 5 signed the law on amendments made to the country’s law on protecting the health of citizens from the consequences of consumption of tobacco, nicotine and exposure of second-hand smoke and aerosol and the Code of Administrative Offences, according to the Kyrgyz president’s official website.

The adopted law reportedly introduces a ban on smoking in public places, with the exception of areas designated for smoking.   

Kyrgyz Parliament passed this law on January 25, 2024.   

Fergana news agency notes that the law prohibits smoking both cigarettes and hookah and electronic cigarettes. 

For violation of the above-mentioned law in the new edition, increased administrative fines are provided.  Thus, for smoking in undesignated places the monetary penalty now is equal to 3,000 soms (US$33.50 against the previous US$11). 

For violation of requirements for posting visual information and the equipment of special zones sanctions for physical entities increased from 3,000 soms (US$33.50) to 5,000 soms (about US$56.00) and for legal entities from 13,000 soms (US$145.00) to 50,000 soms (US$559.00). 

Besides, punishment for selling cigarettes to minors increased from 5,500 soms (US$61.50) to 10,000 soms (about US$112.00) for physical entities, and from 17,000 soms (US$190.00) to 35,000 soms (US$391.00) for legal entities. 

As far as Tajikistan is concerned, here the Law on Limited Use of Tobacco came into effect on January 1, 2011.  Under this law, sale of tobacco and smoking in schools, hospitals, organizations and enterprises irrespective of forms of their property, airports, train stations, recreation areas, sports and culture facilities and in public transport is banned.  Additionally, sale of tobacco closer than 100 meters to kindergartens, schools, hospitals and other educational and healthcare institutions is banned.  The law also bans sale of tobacco to and by teenagers.  Smokers now have to use special places.  Those who break the law are have to pay a fine from 5 to 15 calculating indicators (current calculating indicator is equal to 72 somonis) for physical entities and from 30 to 300 calculating indicators for legal entities.

Tajikistan toughened tobacco product regulations in October 2017.  The proposed amendments ban sale of tobacco in administrative buildings, landings of residential buildings, elevators, offices of government and non-government enterprises, pedestrian subways, airports, train stations, dormitories, health centers, cafes, restaurants and public transport.  The amendments also ban sale of tobacco products by piece and barter of tobacco products for other goods and services as well as free distribution of tobacco products to the population, the deputy minster noted.  Besides, the amendments stipulate that public health and social protection bodies reportedly may give permission to smoke in penitentiary institutions, elderly centers and psychiatric hospitals on the basis of a request from appropriate structures.  Special places for smoking will be established in those institutions. 

However, no one in Tajikistan follows this law.