Iran’s state-run news agency IRNA reported on March 11 that the Ambassador of Tajikistan to the Islamic republic of Iran, Nizomuddin Zohedi, has called Hakim Nizami or Nizami Ganjavi, the great Persian poet and novelist of the 12 century a connecting link between countries and nations of the region as well as Persian speakers elsewhere in the world.

IRNA's cultural reporter says that speaking at the Vahdat Hall meeting in Tehran on the final day of the third commemoration ceremony of Hakim Nizami, Tajik Ambassador Zohedi on March 11pointed to many great Persian-speaking poets who followed the Khamsa (quintet, five long poems) style of Nizami.

Poets such as Amir Khosrow Dehlavi, Khajavi Kermani and Maulana Abdul Rahman Jami, Abdullah Hatfi and several others continued the traditions of Nizami in the best possible way, Zahedi said.

With his Khamsa, Ganjavi played an effective role in the growth of Masnavi (Spiritual Couplets) in Persian literature, but also in the spread and prosperity of this in the literature of other nations, Tajik diplomat added.

March 11 is the commemoration day of prominent Persian poet Hakim Nizami.  He is one of the famous and greatest poets of Persian literature.  His works, especially “Panj Ganj”, greatly contributed to the formation of Iranian mystical and romantic literature.

 Nizami is considered the greatest romantic epic poet in Persian literature, who brought a colloquial and realistic style to the Persian epic.  His heritage is widely appreciated and shared by Afghanistan, Republic of Azerbaijan, Iran, the Kurdistan region and Tajikistan.