Tajikistan has sent more than 3,500 tons of humanitarian aid to Kazakhstan, which was hit by massive floods recently.

The press center of the Emergencies Committee under the Government of Tajikistan says the assistance includes food products, clothes, building materials, medical supplies and some other necessary goods.  

Photo / Khovar news agency.

An official source within the Emergencies Committee says the total weight of the cargo is more than 3,500 tons.  

Photo / Khovar news agency.

The humanitarian aid has reportedly been sent to Kazakhstan both by 61 rail cars and 13 trucks.

Following massive snowfalls in winter, unusually warm weather triggered the sudden melting of snow that in turn lead to the rapid swelling of rivers such at the Ural and the Tobol, in what specialists say may be the effect of global climate change.

Meanwhile, Kazakhstan’s emergencies Ministry said on April 17 that in northern Kazakhstan, where more than 111,000 people have been evacuated from flood-threatened areas since the start of this month, some 4,500 people were evacuated on April 14 alone from Petropavl, a city of some 20,000 people, near the Ishim River.

An aerial view of the flooded Petropavl; photo / Reuters

About 16,000 people have already returned to their homes, the ministry said in a statement, as water has receded in some regions.  But evacuations continued in North Kazakhstan, Aktobe, West Kazakhstan regions, the ministry said.