President Dmitry Medvedev is to meet with the leading members of the "Just Russia" party here on Tuesday.

The Head of State intends regularly to meet with members of political parties. He announced this when conferring with the United Russia party members early in April.

In his remarks then, Medvedev said, "Our meeting opens up a series of consultations that I would like to hold with our parlimentary parties."

"We met before as well. But there have been no contacts in this format.... So that no time would be lost. I shall not make long speeches; I would like, rather, to listen to what you have to say," he added.

"I think we must, to begin with, discuss the current situation, look at how our estimates of the state of affairs in the economy and in the social sphere are faring now," Medvedev sugggested.

"I regard it as necessary to hold this kind of consultations on the broadest basis," the Head of State emphasized. "Naturally, I shall meet, for sure, with both the Communists, the Just Russia and the Liberal Democratic party members," he promised.

In so doing, Medvedev does not intend to join any party. "Together with you, we realise what place the president occupies in the present-day political system. At all events he functions as a supraparty institution, which is not a perpetual situation though. There can be, of course, other forms of work as well," he recalled.