The first after the “pseudo spy scandal” and mutual expulsion of diplomats meeting of the NATO-Russia Council at the level of ambassadors will be held in Brussels on Wednesday. According to Russian Ambassador to NATO Dmitry Rogozin, “a deep content analysis of our relations” is to take place at this meeting. According to him, two main issues are on the agenda – the discussion of the principles of reforming the NATO-Russia Council for improving the quality of its work after which it will be possible to speak about the political dialogue’s normalisation.

Rogozin also did not rule out that the meeting participants will consider the situation formed after the North Korean nuclear test. “This theme is not on the official agenda, but it falls under one of directions of our work on non-proliferation,” the diplomat noted.

The Wednesday meeting of the NATO-Russia Council will be the second after the resumption of its work (April 29) after the South Ossetian conflict. According to Rogozin, “the weather in our relation is far from summer.” This situation has been aggravated “by the absurd decision of the Alliance to expel two Russian career diplomats and its stubborn desire to conduct, in spite of everything, its manoeuvres in Georgia.”

The Russian ambassador also noted that the “spy scandal is factually over on the reciprocity principles.” “NATO expelled two our diplomats and we expelled two their staff members. We are quits now and can move forward,” he said.