North Korean Ambassador Kim Yong-jae was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry to hear a serious concern over the May 25 underground nuclear test, short-range missile launches and Pyongyang’s statement on the resumption of nuclear programmes.

“Tensions in Northeast Asia resulting from these actions does not serve the interests of any state in the region, and it is necessary to undertake urgent measures to ease them,” the Foreign Ministry said.

Moscow urged Pyongyang to “adhere to a responsible approach, not to allow the WMD regime to be undermined, and to respect U.N. Security Council decisions”.

The ministry called for a resumption of the six-party talks on denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula in order to find political and diplomatic solutions to security problems in the region.

North Korea’s nuclear test “is a serious blow to international efforts to strengthen the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and undermines nuclear test ban norms in compliance with the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty”, the Foreign Ministry said, adding that “the nuclear problem of the Korean peninsula can be solved only within the six-party talks”.

North Korea’s latest steps “instigate an escalation of tensions in Northeast Asia and endanger security and stability in the region”.

“By recognising North Korea’s legal concerns we see no alternative to ensuring its security by forming corresponding regional institutions with the participation of all interested sides”, the ministry said.