Pyongyang has accused the Barack Obama administration of a psychological war against North Korea and of giving more money to radio stations broadcasting into the North.

Last month the White House submitted a budget request for 2010 to the Congress urging to expand the financing of state-run broadcasters.

The Korean Central News Agency reported on Monday that sponsoring “propaganda” radio stations the Obama administration once again proves that “its hostile policy towards North Korea remains unchanged.”

Radio Free Asia and Voice of America broadcasting into North Korea and other Asian countries mainly advocate “the U.S.-type freedom and democracy” as well as “the decadent bourgeois life style of the U.S.”

“It is a miscalculation if the U.S. thinks it can eliminate the ideology and bring down the system chosen by our people through dissemination of its freedom and democracy,” the KCNA said.

“It is clear that no matter who is president in the U.S. there is never any change to its hostile policy towards us,” the agency said. “As we have said before, we will further bolster our nuclear deterrence so as to protect our ideology and system.”