Mikhail Margelov, Chairman of the Committee on International Affairs of the Federation Council (FC) upper house of the Russian parliament, met with foremost political leaders of Lebanon here on Monday. They discussed "prospects for the development of the situation after the general elections".

The FC panel chairman, who led a group of Russian observers at the past June 7 elections to parliament, congratulated the Lebanese people on the successful holding of the polls.

Margelov had a detailed conversation with Walid Joumblatt, Chairman of the Socialist Progressive Party, Michel Aoun, leader of the oppositional Free Patriotic Movement, and Saad Hariri, leader of the Al-Mustuqbal bloc that won the elections again.

"As a result of the meetings I must gratified to point out the general orientation of the main political forces of Lebanon towards dialogue and recovery from the downturn," Margelov said. He pointed out that all factions now get ready "for joint and fruitful work that lies ahead".

The Russian delegation leader emphasized that Lebanese politicians strive "to render Lebanon to be a stable and peaceful state. That this will materialise has been confirmed by the recent elections that went off calmly".

"Lebabon, despite the conflicts it has lived through, is a democratic country with a unique system of confessional representation," Margelov pointed out.