Russia has information on North Korean plans to launch a ballistic missile but does not know when it will take place, Interfax news agency quoted a senior Russian military source as saying on Wednesday.

The news comes as South Korea''s defense minister said the North''s recent moves were linked to leader Kim Jong-il''s succession plans, and as world powers at the United Nations edged toward an agreement on how to punish Pyonyang.

North Korea has angered the region and beyond in the past few weeks with missile launches, threats to attack the South and a nuclear test, prompting U.S. and South Korean forces to raise a military alert on the peninsula to one of its highest since the 1950-53 Korean War.

Cranking up tension, Russia''s military said it had information on plans for another missile launch.

"We have certain information about the type and characteristics of the missile. However, we do not have accurate data on the timing," Interfax news agency quoted a senior military source as saying.