Leader of the Ukrainian Party of Regions Viktor Yanukovich in a conversation with US Vice President Joe Biden said he is interested in “fairness and transparency of the forthcoming presidential election” in Ukraine. The leader of the Ukrainian largest opposition party made this statement to journalists at a briefing on Tuesday evening after a meeting with Biden.

According to Yanukovich, the meeting focused on matters of the present condition of the Ukrainian economy, development of relations with the IMF, problems of the development of democracy and naturally, the forthcoming presidential election in Ukraine. The Party of Regions leader particularly stressed that he is also interested in the presence of American observers at the elections, which, in his view, will help ensure equal conditions for all candidates.

During the meeting the sides also discussed issues of Ukraine’s energy security. According to Yanukovich, Ukraine will build transparent relations with all its strategic partners, both with Russia and the European Union. “Ukraine as a transit country is interested in efficient work of our gas transportation system and its modernisation in the near future. However, this requires investments from both EU and Russia. They can be Ukraine’s partners in this issue,” Yanukovich stressed.

He believes that the creation of an international (natural gas) consortium is important today and this issue should be considered on the condition that it will be beneficial for all.

Answering a question of Biden if compromise is possible between Ukraine’s political forces Yanukovich noted that only strong politicians and strong people always seek and find compromise.