International media reports say multiple disasters caused by torrential rains in eastern Indonesia yesterday have killed at least 55 people and displaced thousands.  More than 40 other people were reportedly missing.

Citing Indonesia’s disaster relief agency, ABC says mud tumbled down from surrounding hills onto dozens of homes in Lamenele village shortly after midnight on Adonara island in East Nusa Tenggara province.  Rescuers reportedly recovered 38 bodies and at least five people were injured. 

Flash flooding killed at least 17 people elsewhere and at least 42 are missing, according to the National Disaster Mitigation Agency of Indonesia.

Hundreds of people reportedly fled submerged homes, some of which were carried off by the floodwaters.

In another village, Waiburak, three people were killed and seven missing after overnight rains caused rivers to burst their banks, sending muddy water into large areas of East Flores district.  

The death toll reportedly reached 55 by Monday morning after the rains caused cold lava to tumble down the slopes of Ili Lewotolok volcano and hit several villages, according to ABC.

Seasonal rains frequently cause flooding and landslides in Indonesia, an archipelago of 17,000 islands where millions of people live in mountainous areas or near fertile flood plains.

The BBC says at least 71 people have died after flash floods and landslides hit Indonesia and East Timor on Sunday.