New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has declared a "state emergency" stemming from gun violence in the state.

The Independent says the announcement comes after a rise in violence across the state, but just hours after New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that NYPD data shows murders and shootings in the city have decreased year-over-year.

"We went from COVID to the epidemic of gun violence and the fear and death that goes along with it," Mr. Cuomo said during a press conference on Tuesday.

According to Mr. Cuomo, 51 people were shot in New York over the 4th of July

"This is a national problem, I get it. But somebody has to step up and somebody has to address it," Mr. Cuomo said.

The BBC says New York has become the first US state to declare a disaster emergency order to address rising gun violence.

The directive will funnel 138.7 million U.S. dollars towards gun violence intervention and prevention programs.

According to the BBC, the FBI in March released preliminary 2020 statistics showing a significant jump - 25% - in murders from the year before.  So far, the upward trend has continued into 2021. In the US, the majority of homicides are gun-related.

US President Joe Biden unveiled a White House strategy to combat the rise in homicides in late June, which includes curtailing rogue gun dealers and firearms trafficking.  It also delegates more funding for personnel - including law enforcement.