Two Afghan delegations partaking in the Tehran peace talks stressed that war is not the solution to the Afghan misery and that all efforts should be done to reach a political solution, according to IRNA.

In a joint seven-article statement published on July 9, Intra-Afghan delegations reportedly agreed that the Afghan misery does not have military solution but a peaceful and political one.

The intra-Afghan delegations expressed their gratitude to the hospitality of Iran and applauded its efforts in establishing peace in Afghanistan.

The visiting delegation to Tehran also agreed on another meeting to be held on the issues which need further discussion and elaborate negotiations namely the Islamic system and devising a mechanism for reconciliation.

The intra-Afghan delegations reportedly strongly denounced attacks causing demolition of residences, schools, mosques, and hospitals and targeting civilian people, and they unanimously agreed that the culprits destroying facilities of social services should be punished.

Tehran hosted four delegations from Afghanistan -- Cultural Commission delegation from Afghan Parliament, Senior Taliban political delegation, Jomhouriyyat senior political delegation, and the senior delegation supervising identity verification of Afghan citizens – on July 8-9.