Russia hopes that the Taliban group will abandon the idea of a military offensive against the resistance forces in Panjshir province, reported yesterday.  

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has reportedly made such a statement, commenting on “the situation around the Afghan region.” 

“I hope that the negotiations will end with a negotiated solution, but will not be interrupted and threats to resume hostilities will not be implemented, Russian top diplomat was quoted as saying.  

Lavrov reportedly expressed hope for negotiations between the parties after Al Jazeera's information that the Taliban intend to take Panjshir province by force. 

Meanwhile, TOLONews reports that the Taliban said on Thursday that they have killed 34 members and captured 11 checkpoints of the Afghan resistance forces in the northern Panjshir province.  

The Taliban reportedly shared a video online saying their forces had advanced in Shutul district.

The Taliban attack on Panjshir was launched after negotiations with resistance leader Ahmad Massoud failed. 

However, forces loyal to Ahmad Massoud rejected the figures and claimed that the Taliban has suffered heavy casualties.

The Washington Post reported today that for the past four days, the Taliban has targeted Panjshir, attacking from several directions and engaging in fierce clashes with the resistance forces.  It is reportedly the most serious challenge the Taliban has faced in the military campaign in which it swept across Afghanistan last month in a lightning strike that saw Kabul and 33 provincial capitals fall in 10 days.

Both sides say they have inflicted heavy battlefield casualties and have claimed successes, and both are using social media to spread disinformation, according to The Washington Post.