Media reports say leaders agree in principle that funds can be channeled through UN agencies to avert ‘humanitarian meltdown’

The Guardian notes that G20 leaders and ministers have agreed they will have no option but to involve the Taliban in sending humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, but say that this stops short of political recognition of the Taliban as a government.

According to TOLONews, Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany said that her country was not ready to recognize the “Taliban”. According to her, the “Taliban” have not met the international measure and expectations of the world.

The consensus view came at a video conference on the Afghan crisis at which the EU stepped up its aid to a total of €1bn, and it was agreed in principle that the IMF and World Bank could provide aid.  Nearly US$9bn of Afghan assets in overseas banks have been frozen by the US, according to The Guardian.

Aid agencies such as the International Rescue Committee say Afghanistan is on the verge of “a humanitarian meltdown” since it has been 75% dependent on foreign aid to survive – and support has dried up since the Taliban seized power in August.

The meeting was the first time the world’s richest countries have met to discuss the consequences of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

But neither the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, nor the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, joined the call, sending their foreign ministers.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson did not take part either since he was on holiday, The Guardian said.