The Iran special envoy for Afghanistan, Hassan Kazemi Qomi, during a visit to Kabul said on November 15 that some countries are seeking to increase extremism in the region, and that a stable Afghanistan is helpful for regional stability. 

“The invaders and enemies, who were defeated as a result of people’s resistance, now try to raise up the issue of terrorism as a proxy war with takfiri fighters in the region,” Qomi was cited as saying by TOLONews

At meetings with Afghan officials Qomi reportedly said he would discuss border security, political issues, the economy and the control of Afghan refugees into Iran. 

Qomi, heading a delegation comprising 15 members, arrived in Kabul yesterday morning. 

“We will discuss what happens in Afghanistan, the regional issues and how to make a proper engagement between Afghanistan and Iran and among regional countries.  One of the main issues is security and economic cooperation,” Qomi said.

The Islamic Emirate is hopeful that the visit of the Iranian delegation creates positive results to resolve current challenges. 

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has had good relations with us so far.  Their visit will conclude with good improvements in our relations,” said Qari Din Mohammad Hanif, the acting economy minister. 

“The visit of Iran’s special envoy for Afghanistan at this particular time is very important both for political and economic issues,” said Mirza Mohammad Katawazai, a former member of the parliament.