Media reports say Afghanistan’s ambassador to China has abandoned his post after not being paid for six months, leaving one of the Taliban’s key foreign missions with a single member of staff. 

Ambassador Javid Qaem, a holdover from the Islamic Republic government that fell to the Taliban, announced his decision in a Tweet posted to his account on January 10.

“The end to an honorable responsibility: I quit my job as Ambassador.  It was an honor to represent AFG and my people.  There are many reasons, personal and professional, but I don’t want to mention them here. I have handed over everything smoothly through a handover note,” Mr. Qaem tweeted.

According to the Bloomberg, he wrote that Afghan diplomats in China had not been paid by Kabul for six months, and had resorted to drawing funds from a bank account meant for expenses.  There was now around $100,000 left in that account, he said.

Qaem reportedly added that he’d leave the keys to the embassy’s five cars in his office.  One local staff member, Xiao Lie, would be retained to staff the front desk.  The Chinese Foreign Ministry had been “well informed” of the situation, he said.  

The Taliban-controlled Foreign Ministry said a statement will be issued on the matter and a first secretary will represent the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in China.