The Afghan government led by the Taliban movement (under UN sanctions for terrorism) has called on university professors, who fled the country after the Taliban regained power last August, to come back to Afghanistan and help in rebuilding the country and contribute to scientific development, says an official statement released by Afghan national media on February 11, according to Sputnik.

Khaama Press says the Ministry Higher Education of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has promised to be providing the lecturers with the same financial and working facilities they used to receive before the collapse of the previous Afghan government.

The press release of the ministry reportedly reads that Afghanistan is a common house of all Afghans so they are all responsible for rebuilding the country.

“Development of a country is fully dependent on the educational system, thus the Ministry of Higher education of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan urges all the professors of public universities to come back to Afghanistan,” reads the statement.

"Afghanistan is the common home of all ethnic groups and we are responsible for their development. In the absence of prosperity, the country's education system is incomplete.  Accordingly, the Ministry of Higher Education invites all professors who have left the country (to return home)," says the statement cited by Ariana News.

The ministry has also asked other Afghan specialists and experts in exile to come to Afghanistan and occupy the vacant posts of teaching in Afghanistan universities.

The call by the IEA comes as 229 professors from the top three universities of Afghanistan have left the country since the Taliban takeover.

Khaama Press says it is also worth mentioning that public universities in tropical provinces have reopened and universities in non-tropical provinces are intended to reopen in March end.

According to the UN refugee agency, the number of registered Afghan refugees in neighboring Pakistan exceeded 1.4 million, with Iran alone sheltering over 780,000 registered Afghans and 2.25 million illegal refugees.