The Ministry of Defense plans building a new army of 150,000 people, which will also hire experienced military personnel, Enayatullah Kharazmi, a spokesman for the Ministry of National Defense in the Taliban Government, told the Bakhtar News Agency (BNA) in an interview on February 14.

He, in particular, noted that experienced militaries are needed to establish such an army, and “the Ministry of National Defense is planning to recruit experienced military officers in the new army.”

Kharazmi also said the national defense forces would have a special uniform and work is underway to produce such a uniform.

On the military equipment that was taken out of the country during the fall of the previous regime, the Defense Ministry spokesman said dialogs on the matter was ongoing with a number of neighboring countries.

He further noted that 4202 abusers have been expelled from the Islamic Emirate so far regarding the results and functions of the purification Commission of the Islamic Emirate.

According to BNA, the number of Afghan security and defense forces in the previous government reached 352,000, of which 190,000 were army forces.