US special representative for Afghanistan Thomas West said the US support no armed movement against the current Afghan government and added that they want an inclusive government in Afghanistan.

Khaama Press says that talking about Joe Biden’s recent decision over Afghanistan’s asset in the US Peace Institute, Mr. Thomas West asked other countries not to support any resistance force and armed movement in Afghanistan.

Thomas West added that the US and its allies are not willing to topple the Taliban’s government but hope to see an all-inclusive government in Afghanistan.

“The US will not recognize the interim government of the Taliban until they bring changes in their behavior.  The US is supporting an inclusive government and lasting stability in Afghanistan,” West said, according to Khaama Press

The US reportedly envoy further added that Joe Biden’s statements over Afghanistan’s funds were misquoted and added that their negotiations with the Taliban in Doha and Norway were fruitful.

The concerns over armed movement and resistance against the Taliban come as the acting defense minister of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Mullah Muhammad Yaqoob has recently said that ISIS-K is not a threat to Afghanistan.

Mr. Thomas West was appointed the U.S. special representative for Afghanistan in October 2021, and tasked with advancing U.S. objectives in Afghanistan following the withdrawal of U.S. and NATO forces and the Taliban takeover.  As part of his efforts, he engages in dialogue with representatives of the Taliban, regional leaders, the international community and Afghan political, civil society and diaspora members to find ways to assist the Afghan people while protecting U.S. national security interests.