The second of peace talks between Russia and Ukraine took place in the Brest region of Belarus yesterday.

Media reports say the two sides came to an agreement to create humanitarian corridors in order to evacuate citizens and provide aid where needed.

There will be a temporary ceasefire to allow citizens to leave, Reuters says, citing . Ukraine's presidential adviser, Mykhailo Podolyak

"The second round of negotiations is over.  Unfortunately, the results Ukraine needs are not yet achieved," Podolyak, tweeted following the meeting.

According to him, the talks did produce a "solution only for the organization of humanitarian corridors."

Russia’s foreign minister said that Russia will continue to insist that any peace agreement with Ukraine must include a promise that Ukraine will "demilitarize."

Russia has also signaled it wants to discuss Ukraine adopting a "neutral status" and agree to abandon its ambitions of joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Meanwhile, prior to the meeting, Podolyak posted on Twitter that Ukraine’s priorities in the talks are an "immediate cease-fire," an armistice and "humanitarian corridors for the evacuation of civilians."

Ukrainian officials have previously said they want Russia to withdraw all troops from Ukraine.