Pledges Inc has selected Ilmhona Skills Accelerator as one of the programming schools around the world to launch a new ProSkills Bootcamp Program under its Funded Bootcamp series.

The program whose main goal is to prepare young people for employment within the shortest time, will see the placement of the successful students in jobs across the country to help improve their financial status and afford them the means to repay their tuition fees.

Describing the ProSkills program, the cofounder and CEO of Ilmhona, Farrukh Umarov said the bootcamp will help students to become web and mobile development specialists that are highly sought after and well paid currently.

He said the ProSkills courses are focused on the needs of employers and will give the students the practical knowledge to become a specialist in 3 months. He added that the program will help many people change their lives for the better. 

The Grants Manager for Pledges Inc, Osasenaga Enogieru said the Non-Profit organization funded the Skills accelerator the sum of 44,723 USD to train 30 students. He said the students are expected to sign a repayment contract upon gaining entrance into the bootcamp which will go into effect only after they have been gainfully employed. The funds repaid will be used as a pledge forward to support a new cohort to gain similar skills. 

ProSkills will begin on May 12 and will train 30 students in two areas: React JS and Android on Kotlin.