DUSHANBE, January 31, Asia-Plus -- A monument to servicemen of the Soviet military contingent, who died in actions carrying out international mission in Afghanistan, will be erected in central park in Hissor soon, Asia-Plus has learned from Valijon Sayorabekov, deputy head of Tajikistan’s Union of Veterans of Afghan War.  

According to him, the Hissor Hukumat (local authorities) has already selected and approved the place for the future monument and currently, specialists are working out the monument’ design.  “However, the financing issue has not yet been solved,” said Sayorabekov, “We are currently negotiating this issue with potential sponsors.” 

On February 15, the 16 th anniversary of the withdrawal of the Soviet troops from Afghanistan will be marked in Tajikistan .  On this occasion, veterans of Afghan war will gather to lay flowers at the monument to the Hero of Soviet Union Aleksandr Mironenko in Dushanbe .   

More than 9,000 veterans of the Afghan war are registered in Tajikistan ; more than 16,000 young men from Tajikistan were conscripted to serve in the Soviet military contingent in Afghanistan .