Kazakh-Chinese joint venture to recycle thermoplastic into staple fiber, which is used for manufacturing yearn and nonwoven fabric, has been launched in Kazakhstan’s Turkestan oblast.  

Ferghana.ru says Kazakhstan’s Green Technology Industries and Hong Kong General Industry and Commerce have invested in the new production and Kazakh Invest has assisted with connecting the enterprise to the gas supply network and acquiring visas for mangers and specialists of the partner company.  

A total cost of the project is 20 million U.S. dollars and the enterprise will manufacture 50,000 tons of finished products per year.  The enterprise is capable of meeting Kazakhstan’s requirements in artificial fiber.  

Today, used plastic bottles are being used positively to manufacture garments. In fact, many people are wearing this green garment made from used water bottles.  In the current scenario of textile pollution, choosing green clothing is a sign of being responsible and sensible towards environment, according to Fibre2Fashion.com.

Green clothing refers to fabrics that are obtained from sustainable materials like hemp, bamboo or recycled plastic.  Also, the methods used to manufacture these fabrics are sustainable.  There will be a considerable decrease in the carbon emission, if there is a reduction in the use of raw materials, energy and natural resources. One can opt for such green clothing without making any compromise on choice or fashion.

Fibre2Fashion.com says there is not much difference with respect to quality or texture between the clothes made from recycled material and normally made garments.  It is proven that recycling plastic reduce air, water and land pollution.  Thus, buying products made from recycled plastic bottles indirectly help to create a sustainable living and environment.