Uzbek parliamentarians have discussed the issue of regulating wedding, family and anniversary celebrations.

Uzbek media reports say  the Joint Decree of the Kengash of the Legislative Chamber and the Kengash of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis (Uzbekistan’s parliament) on September 14 approved the regulation on further improving the system for organizing wedding, family, anniversary celebrations, family funeral ceremonies and events commemorating the dead.

This issue has been discussed at the plenary session of the Senate (Uzbekistan’s upper chamber of parliament)

In recent years, in weddings, families, anniversaries, family funeral ceremonies and events dedicated to the memory of the deceased, who have embodied centuries-old traditions and customs of the people, there are such negative manifestations and vices as vanity, the desire to show oneself, and neglect of social status other people, excessive waste, ignoring the traditions and customs of the people, according to

In order to eradicate such phenomena, in accordance with the decree of the Senate Kengash of the Oliy Majlis, in the Jokargy Kenes of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, regional, district and city Kengashes of people’s deputies, as well as gatherings of citizens, commissions were formed to streamline family events, a number of explanatory and propaganda campaigns were conducted events.

However, analysis of the study, as well as dialogue directly with the population, and appeals from members of the public, showed that a number of serious problems and shortcomings still persist in this area.  In particular, some citizens after spending wasteful and pompous wedding events borrow money and go to work outside the republic to pay off, UzDaily notes.

Individual citizens reportedly perceive magnificent family events as the only way to avoid criticism and harsh remarks from neighbors and relatives, and pressure from the public as a whole. Meanwhile, such measures lead to debt and, ultimately, to conflicts between close relatives.

Senators emphasized the importance of taking decisive measures, based on the opinions and wishes of the general public, in order to prevent such phenomena, and to form a correct understanding of the essence and significance of this issue among the population, especially young people.  Following the discussion, a corresponding resolution of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis was adopted.