DUSHANBE, May 8, Asia-Plus -- Regar TadAZ from the Tursunzoda district are continuing to lead the 16th  Football Premier League’s season.

On May 5, Regar TadAZ, who are the incumbent champion, beat HIMA from Dushanbe.  The final score was 2-0.   

According to Tajikistan’s Footbal Federation (FFT), Regar TadAZ are the only team in the premier league which has not lost any game so far.  “Regar TadAZ are forestalling the nearest persecutor – Parvoz from the Bobojonghafurov district (Sughd) – by six points,” the source at a FFT said.  

Vakhsh from Qurghon Teppa, who are the other contestant for the title, are currently ranked third in the championship, beating Panj’s Saroi Kamar 1-0.  

The eighth round of the championship will be held on May 12-13.   

Tajikistan’s premier leage was fomed in 1992 from the clubs in the top division, and currently has eleven member clubs.  

In a total of fifteen seasons, the title has been won by only four teams: Regar TadAZ, Vakhsh from Qurghon Teppa, Parvoz from Bobojonghafurov district and Dushanbe’s Pamir.