QURGHON TEPPA, September 7, 2009, Asia-Plus -- An assistant referee was beaten up by Regar-TadAZ players in Qurghon Teppa on September 5 after singling offside when the scored the goal.

The second round of this year’s football championship kicked off with a match between the incumbent champion Regar-TadAZ from Tursunzoda and Qurghon Teppa’s Vakhsh that was held in Qurghon Teppa on September 5.  Vakhsh won the game 1-0.

However, the game was darkened by an unpleasant incident at the end of the match.  Regar-TadAZ scored the goal but the assistant referee Mustago Islomov signaled offside.  The Regar-TadAZ considered that the referee was wrong and beat him.  The referee needed medical help.

The Regar-TadAZ coach Muhamamdjon Habibulloyev said in an interview with Asia-Plus that he would send protest to the Football Federation of Tajikistan over the preconceived refereeing.

“Football will not develop in Tajikistan with such a refereeing,” said Habibulloyev, “In 2005, Vakhsh became champion due to the preconceived refereeing.”

In the meantime, commenting on a statement by Habibulloyev, the Vakhsh coach Isroil Sharipov said, “We have never discussed and will not discuss how Regar-TadAZ has become champion of the country seven times.”  “We won the match honestly,” he said