Tajik leading hammer thrower Dilshod Nazarov, who is taking part in the IAAF World Challenge, won another gold medal. Following his win on May 6 in Kawasaki, Japan, Dilshod Nazarov spent some time in Czech Republic from where he travelled to Brazil.

In his interview to AP Secretary General of the Light Athletics Federation of Tajikistan Eugeny Shumarin, on Sunday, May 20, Tajik sportsman took part in international challenge in Rio de Janeiro where he won the first place with 76.97m.

Sergei Kolomoec from Belarus won second place with 75.77 and Roberto Janet from Cuba won third place with 71.65 result.

Jessica Kosby from the United States was the first among women with the result of 71.80m. Marina Margieva (Moldova) was second with 71.34 and Jenifer Dalgren from Argentina third with 70.45m.

Next hammer throwing round is due in Ostrava, Czech Republic, on May 24.