DUSHANBE, January 27, Asia-Plus -- Chairman of the Committee for Construction and Architecture, Matlub Khalifayev, told journalists Thursday [January 26] that preparation for working out a new general plan of the Tajik capital are ongoing.  

According to him, the term of the present general plan expired in 2005 but since workout of the new general plan requires serious efforts it has been decided to extend the term of validity of the present general plan of Dushanbe.  

“The Ministry of Economy and Trade is currently working out documents on economic analysis of the general plan,” Khalifayev said, noting that issues related to workout of the new general plan will be discussed at a government’s session set for January 27.  

“It is to be noted that the program takes into consideration all aspects of town-planning, including growth in population, development of infrastructure,” said “The new plan is also supposed to provide for pulling down old buildings and the construction of new residential buildings and social facilities.” 

Khalifayev noted that a number of organizations, including planning offices, are working on the new Dushanbe general plan and as it is endorsed by the government a contractor will be defined to worn on the implementation of it.