, February 1, Asia-Plus  -- Beginning on February 1, the fixed-line communication rate will double, according to information from the Ministry of Communications. .

The Communications Ministry source has told Asia-Plus that now payment by the minute now amounts to 0.02 Somoni against the previous 0.01 Somoni.  The monthly subscription fee for the population will remain the same – 1.30 Somonis.  

At the same time, payment by time for organization will not change, while the monthly subscription fee will increase by 20 percent.  

“Increase in the fixed-line communication has been caused by the necessity to pay off debt to the European bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD),” the Asia-Plus interlocutor said, reminding that in 2001, the EBRD provided to the Tajik fixed-line operator “Tojik Telecom” a loan of USE13 million and a grant of US$2 million for improving access to and the quality of basic telecommunications services in Tajikistan.