DUSHANBE, February 2, Asia-Plus -- “Last year, 335 people conscripted to serve in the border troops were found to be not fit for military service for various reasons,” Colonel-General Saydamir Zuhurov, Chairman of the State Committee for Protection of State Border of Tajikistan, said yesterdaday speaking to journalists in Dushanbe.  

According to him, such cases have been possible, first of all, because of mistakes made the city and district recruitment commissions.   

“This year plan to conscript people purposefully,” said Mr. Zuhurov, “We have taken a decision to send our officers to the military recruitment officers to select young people for service in the border troops and lists of conscripts should be submitted before the conscription campaign (April 1 2006),” the Tajik border service chief noted.  

He also expressed concern about the problem of "dedovshchina," (bullying), the often brutal hazing of new recruits by older soldiers, in the army.  

He stressed that shortage of uniform, poor nutrition, poor conditions, and shortage of skilled personnel were the main problems facing Tajik borer troops.  “The committee is taking all necessary measures to remove these shortcomings,” said Zuhurov, “Last year, we made stocks of food products, uniform and fuel at border units for the periods from three to six months.”