DUSHANBE, February 2, Asia-Plus -- Beginning on February 1, “Teldico Group” company, which is one largest suppliers of computer equipment to Tajikistan, introduces lower prices for its goods delivered to Tajikistan. 

The company’s representative in Tajikistan, Toufiq Abu El-Ata, told Asia-Plus this today morning.    

“In 2005, prices of computers delivered to Tajikistan by our companies fluctuated from US$300 to US$800, this year we are providing six new types of our products and they will cost from US$300 to US$500,” the Asia-Plus interlocutor said.  

According to him, they plan to organize three fairs that will be held in the republic ahead of the Navruz Holiday (March 21), Tajikistan’s Independence Day and the New Year.  

Besides, the company also plans to realize its product in Tajikistan in credit as well.   

Mr. Toufiq Abu El-Ata also told Asia-Plus that “Teldico Group” intended to purchase major stake of a joint investment bank of Tajikistan and Bahrain and head the bank’s board.  “We plan to support development of small enterprise and provide three-year loans to newly-married couples for purchasing goods of the first necessity via the bank,” said the company’s representative, “Besides, those wanting to purchase car will be also able to receive loan from the bank.”