DUSAHNBE, February 6, Asia-Plus - On Monday February 6, representatives from three political parties of Tajikistan – Democratic (DPT), Social-Democratic (SDPT) and Socialist (SPT -- Mirhusein Narziyev-run wing) parties -- gave a news conference in the DPT headquarters in Dushanbe over a statement made by Russian Ambassador Ramazan Abdulatipov at a news conference in Dushanbe on January 24.

The statement, in particular, asks Russian ambassador not to overstep boundaries of powers of ambassador of foreign state and to refrain from interfering in domestic affairs of Tajikistan .   According to the statement, lately Tajik media published separate opinions of foreign diplomats about the upcoming presidential elections set for November this year.

“On January 26, the Dushanbe weekly “Millat” published materials about a briefing given by Russian Ambassador Ramazan Abdulatipov.  On January 24, speaking to journalists the Russian diplomat stressed that at present there was allegedly no serious opponent to President Rahmonov in the forthcoming presidential elections.  “The elections should be held with people’s sure support for policy conducted by Emomali Rahmonov,” the weekly quoted Mr. Abdulatipov as saying, according to the statement.  “Here, he [Abdulatipov] poses his position as position of the Russian state: “As I had said earlier, the Russian side does not see a candidate of equal worth to Emomali Rahmonov,” the statement says.  “Mr. Abdulatipov also said at the news conference: “That, who does not agree with this, may come with his candidate, whom he considers worthy of being president, come to me,” says the statement, “One may make conclusion that Mr. Abdulatipov is head of Tajikistan ’s Central Commission for Elections and Referenda.”   “It follows from this that Russian ambassador has already launched election campaign, which ahs not yet been officially announced and this is beyond powers of ambassador of foreign state,” the statement points.  

During the news conference it was noted that within the next few days, this statement would be sent to the Tajik MFA, “in order that it will determine its positions with regard to ambassadors of foreign countries that are overstepping boundaries of their legal powers.”