DUSHANBE , February 15, Asia-Plus - Tajikistan   shares 4,183 km borders with Afghanistan , China , Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan , Tajik border service chief Saydamir Zuhurov noted at a regular sitting of the second session of the Majlisi Namoyandagon ( Tajikistan ’s lower chamber of parliament) on February 15.  

Addressing the parliament Zuhurov noted that issues related to delimitation and demarcation of Tajikistan ’s common borders with Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan have not yet been solved completely.  

“If on the border with Uzbekistan we have fulfilled some 80%-85% of work, while on the border with Kyrgyzstan , we have not even started considering the delineation issue because there is a number of disputable problems in this area,” Tajik border service chief said.    

On the present state of Tajik border troops, Zuhurov noted that at present they were considering issue related to further improvement of the structure of the border protection committee.    

According to him, last year’s natural disasters caused damage to the areas of totaling 21 square kilometers in Panj, Shahritus and Hamadoni districts, where several border units are stationed.  “At present we are negotiating with international organization the issue of providing assistance to us in rehabilitating the affected engineering works,” the border service chief said.