DUSHANBE , February 17, Asia-Plus - In January 2006, the external trade turnover of Tajikistan , including electric energy and natural gas, amounted to 226.1 U.S. dollars, which was 167.6 percent of the January 2005 level or US$91.2 million more.  The trade balance was negative and amounted to 29.6 million dollars.

The CIS states accounted for 46.9 percent (US$105.9 million) of Tajikistan ’s external turnover, and the far abroad countries accounted for 53.1 percent (US$120.1 million) of the external trade turnover of Tajikistan .   

Exports of goods in January 2006 amounted to 98.3 million dollars, which is was 38.4 percent or US$27.2 million more than in January 2005.  Imports of goods into Tajikistan amounted to 127.8 million dollars, which is 100 percent or US$63.9 percent more than in January 2005.  

Compared to December 2005 Tajik exports increased by 14.4 percent, and its imports decreased by 27.3 percent. 

In January 2006, the far abroad countries accounted for 87.2 percent (US$85.7 million) of Tajik exports Tajikistan ’s main export partners.  Imports came mainly from the CIS states.  The CIS states accounted for 73 percent (US$93.4 million) of Tajik imports  last month.

Compared to January 2005 the trade turnover of Tajikistan with the CIS states increased by 90.4 percent or 50.3 million in January 2006, while the country’s trade turnover with other countries increased by 51.6 percent or U40.9 million dollars.  

 According to the figures provided by the Committee for Statistics, compared to January 2005 cotton-fiber exports reduced by 7 percent or US$0.7 million.  Electricity imports reduced by 3.8 percent or US$21.4 million.