DUSHANBE , February 17, Asia-Plus - Tajikistan had gone through the civil war that had damaged the country’s economy.  As a result of this, Tajikistan has been found among the world’s poorest countries, while the country has done a lot over the past several years to overcome the economic crisis. 

Russian Ambassador to Tajikistan Ramazan Abdulatipov has remarked this commenting on President Putin’s proposal that some CIS states, including Tajikistan, should be recognized as poorest countries and have their debts to international financial institutions written off within the framework of the G-8 initiative.  

According to Mr. Abdulatipov, this confirms once again historical fact that Russia does not forget its friends.    

“This initiative of the Russian president will allow Tajikistan to focus its efforts on developing its economy and resolving domestic social problems,” said Russian diplomat, “Write-off of Tajikistan’s debt will create even more favorable climate for implementation of large Russian projects here as well.” 

Constant Russian-Tajik interaction at the highest level is an important condition for development of both Tajikistan and the Russian Federation , according to him.