DUSHANBE, March 2, Asia-Plus - The “Sozidaniye” director general Aleksandr Semchenko speaking to journalists noted that despite short time of the construction, the hotel would meet all international  standards and seismic conditions of Tajikistan would be taken into account.   

Asked about recruitment of local resident to the construction of the hotel, the “Russkiye Oteli” top manager Stanislav Kapinos noted that during the construction of the hotel some 1,000 jobs would be created and local residents would constituent 70 percent of workers recruited to the construction.   

Aleksandr Semchenko answering question about wage said that the wages rates would depend on qualification of workers and since the time of the construction is quite short they would accept for job, first of all, high-qualified specialists. 

Besides, Mr. Semchenko noted that during exploitation of the hotel percentage of local specialists involved in management of the hotel would be gradually brought to 80%-90%.