DUSHANBE, March 9, Asia-Plus - Tajikistan has been rated fourth among the CIS states in terms of increase in index of consumer prices in January this year, according to information from Tajikistan’s central bank. 

The source in the National Bank of Tajikistan (NBT) says that rate of inflation in Tajikistan in January amounted to 1.5 percent. 

The highest rate of inflation was reported in Armenian, where it amounted to 3.8 percent in January 2006.  In the Russian Federation , the January inflation rate amounted to 2.4 percent, and Moldova – 1.9 percent.   

Tajikistan is followed  by Azerbaijan , Belarus , ad Kyrgyzstan , where the inflation rate amounted to 1.3 percent.  

The CIS Committee for Statistics notes that in January, the lowest inflation rate was traditionally reported in Kazakhstan – 0.9 percent.  In Ukraine and Georgia , the inflation rate was 1.2 percent.  

However, the CIS Committee for Statistics has not given data about the inflation rates in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan .   

As it had been reported earlier, Tajikistan ’s Ministry of Finance predicts that this year, inflation in Tajikistan will have been at the rate of 5.6 percent.   

According to figures provided by the Tajik Committee for Statistics, index of increase in consumer prices last year amounted to 7.1 percent but not 6.5 percent as it had been predicted.