DUSHANBE , March 10, Asia-Plus -- Speaking to journalists the Tajik Drug Control Agency director Rustam Nazarov told of the drug trafficking situation in Tajikistan in neighboring Afghanistan

4,000 tons of opium were produced in Afghanistan last year, which is several percent fewer compared to 2004, according to the Tajik drug control kingpin.  Mr. Nazarov claims that no positive changes have taken place in the drug trafficking situation connected with cultivation of opium and production of drugs on the territory of Afghanistan .   

            At the same time, he noted that work of special services of Afghanistan connected with fighting drug trafficking had become more active.

            Last year, the DCA and Afghan special services carried out six joint operations on the territory of Afghanistan that led to seizure of 600 kilograms of drugs and liquidation of heroin labs in the northern provinces of Afghanistan .

            This year so far, the DCA officers and their colleagues from Afghanistan have carried out three joint operations, the Tajik drug control chief said, adding that more than 100 kilograms of drug have been seized in those operations.      

At the conclusion, the DCA director expressed hope for further expansion of cooperation with Afghan special services.