DUSHANBE , April 12, Asia-Plus - The all tickets for the train Dushanbe-Konibodom for the period till April 20 have been sold.

Tohir Khojayev, head of the passenger conveyance department of the Tajik Railways, says the Ministry of Defense (MoD) has applied to the Tajik railways asking for seats on this train on April 13 and 16 for transporting conscripts to the northern province of Sughd. 

According to him, there are no problems with getting tickets for this rail route.  “Our colleagues from Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan have repeatedly proposed to reduce number of runs on this route because of they are unprofitable; we have to pay no small money for going through their territories,” said the Tajik Railways official, “However, we have not reduced number of runs but this issue may be considered after opening of the Anzob tunnel for traffic.”