DUSHANBE, April 26, Asia-Plus -- Participants at the consultative meeting of secretaries of the security council from Central Asia’s states and Russia that was held in Dushanbe today unanimously noted that that use of force would not allay international concerns over Iran''s nuclear programs; on contrary, it could negative consequences for Near East, Central Asia and Caucasus.

Russian Security Council Secretary Igor Ivanov speaking to journalists after the meeting noted, “Our goal is to find political solution to this problem.” 

We will recall that earlier Russian officials noted that sanctions could only be discussed when evidence was provided that Iran was pursuing not only peaceful work in the nuclear field.

They say Russia ''s position on the dispute around Iran has not changed, and it believed Iran must observe the non-proliferation regime, requirements set by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the UN''s nuclear watchdog, and meet the UN Security Council''s demands.