DUSHANBE , May 12, Asia-Plus - Exchange rate of Euro with regard to Tajik national currency of Somonis has risen by 0.32 Somoni over the past five months. 

The source in the National Bank of Tajikistan (NBT) says that at present positions of the European currency with regard to USD are becoming stronger.  “First of all it depends on rising fuel prices, a 0.6 percent economic growth in the European zone and solvent balance of the United States ,” the Tajik central bank expert said.  

The Asia-Plus interlocutor has also noted that increase in the Euro exchange rate with regard to Somoni will not negatively impact the country’s economy.  

Tajikistan ’s economy is orientated towards USD and at present we mainly worry about the exchange of the national currency with regard to the U.S. dollar,” said the source, “All foreign economic transactions of Tajikistan are conducted in dollars.”    

The exchange rate of Euro has risen from 3.78 Somonis as of January 4 to 4.11 Somonis as of May 12, while exchange rate of USD for the same five-month period has risen only by 0.01 Somonis – from 3.20 Somonis as of January 4 to 3.21 Somonis as of May 12.