DUSHANBE, August 4, Asia-Plus - A progress of the implementtion of RusAl invesmtent projects in Tajikistan, including the construction of the Roghun hydropower plant in Tajikistan, were discussed a meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin with metals magnate and chairman of the Board of Directors of “Russian Aluminum” (RusAl) Oleg Deripaska, which was held in Moscow on August 2.  

 According to Konstantin Zagrebelny, the head of the RusAl representative office in Dushanbe , Deripaska informed President Putin on preparatory works carried out in Roghun.  It was noted that RusAl was investing US$50 million into the first stage of the project.  

In the meantime, Mr. Zagrebelny has said in his interview with Asia-Plus what namely has impeded development of works.  “When the Tajik side says “we have the project and it is necessary just to finish it” we consider that the project practically does not exist,” said Konstantin Zagrebelny, “Half of documentation is absent.”  “At present Tajik official are accusing us of hampering the construction, but how can we start it, when there is no technical and estimate documentation, and decisions of the intergovernmental commission are not implemented?”

“Words of Russian President about state participation in the construction of the Roghun plant in Tajikistan should not be treated as a promise to finance the project at the expense of Russia ’s national budget,” noted Zagrebelny, “RusAl has never left the project.  RusAl has only one wish – partnership should be indeed if it is really partnership.”