DUSHANBE , August 7, Asia-Plus - “The latest developments in Lebanon have become hard ordeal for states and the international community as a whole,” a statement released by the Iranian Embassy in Dushanbe on August 4 says.  

The statement, in particular, runs, “In this war, on the one side there is the regime armed with the up-to-date armament and on the other side, there is the people with minimal armament fighting for existence of its country.”  “It is surprising that many countries, which are able to use their authority and influence to cease the fire and put the end to the massacre of innocent people, are becoming reason for new ignition of the conflict…,” the statement pointed.  

“Under such conditions, the Islamic countries should stand up for the Lebanese people and demand the immediate end to the massacre of innocent lives, using for this public opinion as an instrument of pressure,” the statement said.  

It is to be noted that Iran ’s embassies in many countries of the world hosted press conference and released similar statements.