DUSAHNBE, August 10, Asia-Plus -- The last of four spinning factories within the Dushanbe joint-stock company “Textiles” has been put to auction.  

Deputy Industries Minister, Abdukarim Hikmatov, four spinning factories operated at the joint-stock company “Textiles”, which was established on the basis of former “Tojiktextiles” in Dushanbe.  The first three factories had already been sold by auction and three enterprises wee established on the basis of them: Tajik-Polish joint venture “Bofanda”; Tajik-Russian joint venture “Eurasia-Textiles”, and open joint-stock company “Nassoji” (hosiery).  

“Spinning factory No. 1, which has been put to auction, is the smallest one compared to the remaining three factories; in Soviet era, its rate capacity amounted to 2,500 tons of yarn a month,” Mr. Hikmatov said, noting that the factory will be privatized most likely by Tajik investor.

“Starting price of the factory has been determined at 13 million Somonis (equivalent to more than US$3.8 million), but it may possibly be lowered because its equipment has become obsolete,” Tajik official said, adding that at present the enterprises is operating only 70 percent of its capacity.   

 According to information from the Ministry of industry, the first stage of the put of the Tajik-Polish joint venture “Bofanda” into operation has completed.  In near future, “Bofanda” intends to increase production by means of putting into operation new technologies.  Under its rated capacity the enterprise’s first line is capable to process 6,000 tons of cotton fiber a year.  The rated capacity of the second line will allow processing more than 12,000 tons of cotton fiber a year.   

In accordance with agreements between Poland’s company “Komex” and the Tajik side the establishment of the joint venture “Bofanda” includes four phases.  The estimated budget for the implementation of all stages of this project is some US$20 million. The output produced by the “Bofanda” enterprise will be exported to Europe.