DUSHANBE, August 10, Asia-Plus  -- The late leader of Tajikistan’s Islamic Revival Party (IRPT) Said Abdullo Nuri has been buried at the Sari Osiyo cemetery in Dushanbe, while according to his will, Said Abdullo Nuri was supposed to be buried near grave of his mentor Mawlavi Hindustoni at the Hazrati Mavlono cemetery in the Rudaki district.

According to information from the IRPT headquarters in Dushanbe, they have not received an appropriate permission for burring Said Abdullo Nuri at the Hazrati Mavlono cemetery in accordance with his will.   

The funeral ceremony was held today afternoon.  Mahmadsaid Ubaidulloyev, Chairman of the Majlisi Milli (Tajikistan’s upper chamber of parliament) also Mayor of Dushanbe, telling the funeral ceremony noted that prominent politician and public figure, who made a great contribution to re-establishment of peace and accord in Tajikistan, passed away.   

Local experts says Nuri was a prominent and influential figure in Tajikistan in the Nineties and one of major players in the peace deal that ended five years of civil war.  Nuri signed the Tajik National Peace Accord in 1997 on behalf of the United Tajik Opposition (UTO), ending the country’s disastrous civil war a civil war