DUSHANBE, August 11, Asia-Plus - Tajikistan’s Small Academy of Sciences will begin a summer school in Romit Gorge on August 17.  The Small Academy of Sciences had operated at Tajikistan’s National Academy of Sciences since 1971 and now it is reviving again.  

Ms. Svetlana Blagoveshchenskaya, Academic Secretary, the Small Academy of Sciences, has noted that President Rahmonov’ call for drawing youth into research activity promoted revival of the Small Academy of Sciences.  

According to her, this year’s summer seminar in Romit Gorge brings together 60 schoolchildren aged 14 to 16 from all regions of the country.  “Researchers from academic institutions and professors from higher educational institutions will conduct seminars on various disciplines for them,” Ms. Blagoveshchenskaya said.    

Administration of the Tajik Small Academy intends to negotiate with the Russian Embassy in Dushanbe the possibility of providing quotas for members of the Tajik Small Academy to study at the higher educational institutions in the Russian Federation.  

“Tajikistan’s National Academy of Sciences in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Federation of Independent Trade Unions and Youth Committee under the Government of Tajikistan coordinates activities of the Small Academy,” Academic Secretary said, noting that beginning from 2007, the Small Academy will be funded from the country’s national budget.