DUSHANBE, August 11, Asia-Plus - Tajik-Cypriot joint venture “TajikAzot” has reduced production of fertilizers (following limitation in natural gas supplies.   

According to information from the Ministry of Industry, the rates of supply of natural gas to the enterprise have reduced from 16,500 cubic meters per hour to 1,400 cubic meters per day.  The source noted that the enterprise had two lines for producing mineral fertilizers, “but for putting both lines into operation the enterprise should receive natural gas at rate of at least 23,000 cubic meters per day.  ”“At present the operational line is producing some 200 tons of mineral fertilizers a day” said the source, “While earlier, when the enterprise received natural gas at the rate of 16,500 cubic meters per day, it produced more than 280 tons of mineral fertilizers per day.”   

The enterprise annually produces some 90,000 tons of mineral fertilizers, while its rated capacity is intended for production of 180,000 tons of mineral fertilizers a year.  

“TajikAzot” is ready to put both lines into operation and increase production of mineral fertilizers up to 500,000 tons a year; but for this, it should receive natural gas at the rate of not less 23,000 cubic meters per day,” the Asia-Plus interlocutor said.   The source added that “TajikAzot” did not have debts for natural gas.   

Meanwhile, according to information from “Tojikgaz” (Tajik state gas concern), natural gas supplies to “TajikAzot” has been reduced temporarily.  The source refrained from giving details of the reason for reducing natural gas supplies to the enterprise.  

ABOUT: closed joint-stock company “TajikAzot” was established on the basis of the Vakhsh fertilizer-producing plant based in the Tajik southern city of Sarband in 2002.   Tajikistan owns 20 percent of the shares and the Cypriot company “Highrock Holding Limited” assumes the 80% ownership interest in this joint venture.