QURGHON TEPPA, August 29, Asia-Plus -- “We will support candidacy of Muhiddin Kabiri, who was leading deputy to Said Abdullo Nuri for many year, to the post of chairman of the Islamic Revival Party of Tajikistan (IRPT), Qalandar Saduddinov, the head of the IRPT organization for Khatlon, remarked this in his interview with Asia-Plus.  

According to him, Said Abdullo Nuri had confidence in Muhiddin Kabiri and appointed him his leading deputy.  

“We also trust in him [Muhiddin Kabiri] and nominate him to post of the party chairman at the upcoming congress,” Mr. Saduddinov said, noting that other candidacies may probably also be nominated “because our party functions on democratic principles.” 

Muhiddin Kabiri has high rating among the IRPT members, as epically among the party’s youth.  

Asked about possible split in the ranks of the IRPT organization in Khatlon, Mr. Qalandar Saduddinov noted that there were no differences of opinion among the IRPT members. 

“The head of the IRPT organization for Kulob has been dismissed for social reasons,” said Saduddinov, “All rumors that he was allegedly dismissed following the split in the organization’s rank are unfounded.”  “After celebrations on occasion of the Kulob jubilee we intend to hold a conference to elect a new leader of the IRPT organization for Kulob.” 

The head of the IRPT organization for Khatlon has also told Asia-Plus that an active preparatory work with party members for participation in the upcoming presidential election is under way in the province.  “We make every effort to ensure an active participation of our party in the election,” Qalandar Saduddinov said.  

We will recall that on August 12, the IRPT proposed Muhiddin Kabiri as its chairman following the death of Said Abdullo.  He faces a confirmation vote at a party conference in September.